Fully automatic molding machine foundry solution

- Aug 28, 2019-

Fully automatic molding machine foundry solution

a) Requirements for poor appearance quality:

(1) Control the viscosity of the paint. When brushing the paint, do not use a large brush to change the paint.

(2) Pay attention to the quality of the surface sand and eliminate the sticky sand.

b) For inaccurate size requirements:

(1) Before the modeling, the model should be inspected. If the model has problems, the model should be modified. If the thickness of the casting is not uniform, the wall thickness of the casting should be modified. If the casting base is uneven, the model should be modified according to the inverse curvature. The place is flattened).

(2) When operating with a fully automatic horizontal molding machine, it is necessary to control the shaking of the model when starting the mold.

(3) Check the mold before assembling the box.

c) Strictly control the proportion of charge and charge, use good materials, clean materials, dry materials to ensure the temperature of molten iron, prevent oxidation of molten iron and large gas content. Pay attention to the repair welding process and the welding rod when eliminating the repair welding of the casting air holes.

d) For the parts that are easy to shrink and shrink, the feeding riser should be improved. Pay attention to the riser when pouring.

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