Four ways to choose aluminum alloy gravity casting mold

- Aug 03, 2019-

How to choose aluminum alloy gravity casting mold?

Four ways to choose aluminum alloy gravity casting mold:

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Third, the mold must have a more reliable cooling system and a gas extraction system. For the beeter working with alumunum gravity casting machine,the cooling, not only can labor productivity be effectively improved, but also the temperature field of the casting can be adjusted, and the cooling rate of the casting can be controlled, thereby affecting the internal structure and grain size of the casting and achieving the purpose of effectively controlling the mechanical properties of the casting. As the name implies, the gas is extracted artificially to discharge the gas inside the cavity to the cavity to reduce the possibility of pore defects in the casting. At the same time, the mold temperature can be adjusted in a small area by adding a vent plug, which plays an important role in preventing and overcoming the cracking and collapse of the aluminum alloy.

Fourth, there must be a mold positioning device that matches the casting machine and a convenient mold mounting system. The positioning device not only ensures the casting size, reduces the crevice and burr, but also ensures the normal operation of the casting machine. It can be said that there is no good positioning device without a good positioning device. The mold must be easy to install and disassemble. Because aluminum alloy>aluminum alloy gravity casting, the mold must be removed and repainted and repaired at regular intervals. If the disassembly is inconvenient, it will increase the labor intensity of the workers and take up more labor. Time, reduce production and efficiency.

For foundries, high-quality molds mean high-quality castings, which means lower costs, higher output and profits.

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