FAQ about sand molding machine

- Mar 28, 2019-

Q: How many boxes can your sand molding machine play in an hour?

A: In the case of no mud core, 1 box in 36 seconds, one hour can theoretically do 100 boxes, but in actual production, there is only 70-80 boxes in the mud core, and then the mud core should be moved according to the speed of the lower core workers. A mud core.


Q: After using your equipment, can the original mold be used?

A: Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to open the mold from the new, and our equipment mold can be replaced, very convenient, convenient for some manufacturers with more products to use.


Q: Can your sandbox size be customized?

A: It can be customized according to the size required by the customer (modeling machine manufacturer).


Q: Can the height of the upper and lower boxes be adjusted automatically?

A: Yes, the LCD is adjusted on the LCD.


Q: What brand is your circuit system used for?

A: The PLC control system uses Mitsubishi of Japan, the LCD touch screen is also used by Mitsubishi of Japan, Schneider of relays, and Yadak of Taiwan for pneumatic control cylinders.


Q: How long is your equipment delivery time?

A: Conventional products Our production cycle is generally 20-30 days, and customized products take longer.


Q: How about after-sales service

A: All of our equipments are guaranteed for one year. If there are any problems with the equipment during the maintenance period, we will send special personnel to provide free on-site maintenance. There are after-sales service personnel all over the country or send you instruction and remote guidance.

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