Do you know what kind of shoe making machine is required for beautiful shoes?

- Jun 13, 2018-

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Every girl should have a good pair of shoes and it will take you to where you want to go. Every man should have a pair of good shoes. It is a sign of your status. A pair of beautiful and comfortable shoes is what everybody hopes to have. Now many businesses have also seen this business opportunity and want to have a fishing trip at this time. Did you have this idea, but did you know what kind of shoemaking equipment is required for a pair of beautiful shoes? Where to go for the acquisition, how to use it and so on. A series of questions, now let CBC Group Corporation shoe making machine brings you answer!

       It is important to understand the main structure and appearance of the shoe-making machinery and equipment: The exterior structure of the equipment should be as flat and smooth as possible to avoid sharp corners and edges. Moving parts: All moving parts that are prone to damage accidents should be closed or shielded, or otherwise avoided. The protection method touched by the operator; In order to avoid kneading damage, the interval between the linear and moving parts of the linear motion part and the stationary part, including the wall and the pillar, is necessary to comply with the rules of the related provisions of the mechanical protection safety interval.

         Processing area: refers to the machined workpiece avoiding the machine processing area, where the processing area is prone to damage accident equipment, should adopt a useful protective measures; protective measures should ensure that the equipment in the operating state to avoid any part of the operator's body into the danger zone .

         Urgent Parking Equipment: The mechanical equipment required to set up emergency parking equipment should be provided with emergency parking equipment in each location and location of demand.

        Position of work: The orientation of machinery and equipment should be safe and reliable, and should ensure that the operator’s head, hands, arms, legs, and feet meet the activity space that meets the requirements of the heart and the physiological requirements; the height of the work surface of the shoe-making machinery and equipment should be consistent with human ergonomics. To learn the ergonomics request, the working height refers to the interval between the plane where the operator stands and the plane between the operator's hand or forearm during operation (the height of the sitting working plane should be between 700-850mm, standing or sitting position. The working surface height should be between 800-1000mm).

        Through the above learning, you must be wondering where to buy the shoe making machine that meets the above request? ! CBC Group Corporation is a professional manufacturer and exporter of shoes making machine, sush as toe lasting machine,hydraulic sewing arm cutting machine and shoes upper materials, we also have powder grind machine for recycling rubber and plastic foam scrap such as EVA,PE,sponge etc. If you have any demand or need to help ,please feel free to contact us by Artemis

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