Development history of surface polishing machines

- May 31, 2019-

Development history of polishing technology for surface polishing machines

In China, the appearance of surface polishing machine polishing behavior was first traced in the devices unearthed during the Neolithic period. A large number of unearthed Qinhuang has been mechanically polished using the polishing technique. The bronze mirror mirror processing technology in the Western Han Dynasty is also famous, and it is described in Huainanzi.

All of the above surfaces are leveled and polished by first rubbing the flattened object with a simple roughness tool to achieve leveling, and then using finer sand or soft tough fiber with abrasive The friction further achieves the purpose of brightening (polishing). For example, in the Song Dynasty, iron oxide was widely used as an abrasive polishing technique, which was several hundred years earlier than foreign countries. This is the earliest used surface polishing machine surface polishing technology, which is the prototype of the mechanical plane automatic polishing machine polishing technology still in use today.

Subsequently, it was found that the abrasive material was formed into a disc-shaped flat plate or the particles of the abrasive material were mounted on a disc or a belt to be operated, and the flattened polished surface was placed thereon to obtain different degrees of flatness and brightness, and Can save manpower and improve efficiency. With the development of the electromechanical industry, this method has finally developed into a modern form of mechanical polishing technology.

surface polishing machines

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