Details About Adsorptive Napkin Folding Machine

- May 16, 2018-

napkin paper machine.jpg

Model number

Base paper width 1750-2950mm

Finished product diameter Ø90-300mm

Base paper diameter Ø1100mm (can be specified)

Base Paper Core Ø76mm

Machine speed 180 meters/minute

Winding shaft

Ejection rack 1-2 layers (please specify the number of layers)

Pneumatic system 3 presses, pressure 5kg/cm2

Power 7.5-18kw

Dimensions According to the model and configuration, the actual size shall prevail

Machine weight According to model and configuration, actual size shall prevail

Optional items


Crimping device Steel to steel

Trimming Seal Need to Order

Automatic knife setting device

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