CBC Group Coperation teach you how to choose a good napkin paper machine

- Jun 06, 2018-

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1. When choosing a napkin machine, you should not be holy and focus on its exterior features. Consider the quality of its interior, and don't be misled by the company's exaggerated praise. It is important to recognize that you want to buy this napkin machine. What deficiencies and indexes were completed. A good napkin machine has a high working speed, long service life, good intractability and safety, and strong maneuverability.

2. Is there a speckle pattern is not clear, assuming that the color printed napkin is a secret color, with two colors, three colors, four colors, and six colors.

3, in the procurement of napkin machine to be interested in the various craft parameters, like production skills, per minute to create a few more pieces of the same production per second, power.

4, whether there is peace certification, running properly is not tenacious, control can be simple.

5, also depends on whether the organization is a reasonable proliferation, but also to see the venue, because the size of the napkin machine is big or small, after setting up the park can not let go bad.

6, after-sales service: is not a factory direct sales, manufacturers can be reliable in time after sales!

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