Automatic polishing machine common faults, how to solve?

- Jun 13, 2019-

Automatic polishing machine common faults, how to solve?

Automatic polishing machine common faults and troubleshooting methods:

Fault 1: The noise is loud when the polishing wheel is started

Check the fault method: Remove the polishing wheel on the machine head and let it idle and listen to the noise

1: Check that the belt of the machine head is tight. If it is not tight, it must be tightened. If the phenomenon still exists, the manufacturer should be notified to communicate and repair;

2: Polishing the wheel is not concentric, the eccentricity causes noise, and the troubleshooting method is: replace the polishing wheel or repair the polishing wheel to make it concentric and then install it.

Fault 2: The workpiece clamp is unstable

Analyze the cause of automatic polishing machine failure:

1 The compression spring screw under the clamp is loose or loose. To eliminate the fault: replace or adjust the spring screw until it can completely clamp the workpiece;

2 There is sediment removal method on the cone surface of the fixture shell and the top core: use the top material cylinder to lift the fixture, remove the clamp core, clean the debris, and replace the top core.

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