Automatic horizontal molding machine three wrong types

- Aug 19, 2019-

Reasons for the problem of the wrong type of automatic horizontal molding machine:

3, push type too fast, up and down dislocation: under normal circumstances, hydraulic power unit performance is stable, service life, power consumption is reduced, but in the actual production process, due to long-term use, the cylinder seal ring is easy to aging, resulting in a tight seal, even Sometimes due to the poor cooling effect of the hydraulic pump station, the oil temperature is too high, etc., it is still prone to problems. In the modeling process, after the completion of the box molding, the first is the unboxing cylinder to drive the unloading plate to complete the box shape to complete the sand tire from the auxiliary sand box, and the sand plate is returned to the original position. At this time, the sand tire needs to be completed after the box shape is completed. Transfer from the styling station to the pouring station to the pouring section. If the pushing tank speed is too fast, the pushing box pushes the lower box sand tire and the upper box sand tire sways and shifts.

4. The inner wall of the box is not cleaned, and the sand block is stuck: the moving box is placed on the sand tire to be poured, and the residual sand block on the inner wall of the box pushes the sand type to move, and the inner wall of the box is in direct contact with the sand type; The cavity migrates at high temperature, and the casing is condensed into water droplets on the outer surface of the sand type, and the sticky sand group is directly adsorbed on the inner wall of the casing. Under normal circumstances, after removing from the finished sanding tire, it needs to be cleaned with a sweeper; but after long-term use, the aging of the brush will cause the cleaning to be dirty, resulting in the sandbag still on the inner wall of the casing. When the box is placed on the sand tire, these excess sand groups will cause the sand tire to move, thus using the sand type misalignment.

5, the mold is not flat, the upper box sand tire tilt: the template is placed on the mold frame, after the shape is completed, when the template is detached, the starting point of the mold on the mold frame is not on a horizontal line, and the speed of the mold is not the same, resulting in the mold release. The height is inconsistent. After the mold is completed, the lower box sand tire is placed on the transfer trolley, and the upper sand tire is inclined; when the sleeve is placed, the box will push the upper box sand tire to move. In fact, this situation is the same as the above-mentioned box cleaning is not clean and sticky sand, the final result is the position of the upper and lower box sand tires misplaced.

In short, in actual production, some wrong boxes do not cause the castings to be scrapped, and are trimmed by machining, or within a certain allowable range of wrong values; but for precision production, the smaller the wrong value, the better. In order to achieve this goal, we must constantly check these factors that produce mis-types during the production process. Do not wait until the castings are produced to find the wrong type. Therefore, we should control all aspects in the production process.

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