Automatic horizontal molding machine five wrong types

- Aug 16, 2019-

Reasons for the problem of the wrong type of automatic horizontal foundry molding machine:

1. Misalignment of the form: In the process of casting process design with automtic foundry molding machine, the principle of determining the parting surface cannot be guaranteed due to the problem of the structure of the casting itself. Article 1: Place all or most of the castings in the same box as much as possible to reduce Wrong type; thus, it needs to be divided into molds in the design, and there are even boxes; even three boxes or multiple boxes are available. In the mold making process, if the production level is not high, or the mold assembly level is not high, it is easy to cause the stencil to be misaligned. The stencils required for the fully automatic molding machine are double-sided stencils. The stencils are separated from the upper and lower boxes on one side and two sides. The design is not really separated from the model, but the upper and lower models are separated from the parting surface. On the template, the model will not be misaligned, thus avoiding the problem of misalignment of the template. However, this method is easier to implement than a smaller model, but for a larger model, it is also necessary to optimize the positioning pin when assembling the mold and the mold.


2. The tapered positioning pin has a sand block: the automatic horizontal molding machine has a special design, which is the positioning of the tapered positioning pin, which is convenient for replacing the template. The template does not need to be fixed. To replace the template, you only need to lift the used template, and replace it with a new template to enlarge the holder. The template is replaced very quickly. However, if the cone-shaped positioning pin surface is not easily cleaned in time, it is easy to stick sand when molding. When the upper and lower boxes are closed, the sand blowing is not clean, the floating pin is stored on the positioning pin surface, and the upper box and the lower box are not tight. There is a gap, and the pattern plate and the upper and lower sand boxes are not parallel, causing misalignment. There is a sand block on the plate, and when the box is closed, the template and the sand box are not closed, and it is easy to cause misalignment. In order to prevent the cone-shaped positioning pin from sticking to the cone surface, the molding machine is specially equipped with a sand blowing device, and each time one cycle is completed, the floating sand is blown off using a wind gun.

SAND molding machine

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