Analysis Of Plastic Pulverizer Advantages And Disadvantages Compared To Traditional Raymond Mill

- Jun 21, 2018-

Plastic Pulverizer

Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of cone plastic pulverizer compared to traditional Raymond mill

Cone plastic pulverizer is a high-efficiency grinding machine equipment developed and manufactured by CBC Group Corporation, which is self-developed and manufactured for the coarse powder industry. Cone mill is the representative of our new type of milling machine, which makes us a microcosm of continuous innovation. Tapered mills are relatively tall mills with a conical outer profile, with material entering from the top and a mill at the bottom with the transmission system at the top.

It has the following advantages over the traditional Raymond Mill:

1. Huge capacity and low energy consumption. Take the smallest cone plastic pulverizer and traditional mill to compare (relatively larger in the Raymond machine series). In the premise of processing 100 mesh coarse powder at the same time, the output of cone plastic pulverizer can reach 20-30 tons per hour. While the motor power is 110kw, and the traditional mill, the maximum capacity will not exceed 15 tons, and the main power is 132kw. In this comparison, it is known that the conical pulverizer is a professional coarse pulverizer, which has a large output and low energy consumption.

2. Long service life. The grinding roller of taper mill can be used for 1 to 2 years. The wear is very small. It is mainly related to the fact that the roller is behind the roller and the speed is slow. The Raymond machine rolls are relatively small and the speed is faster than the cone mill, so the wear rate will be large.

3. The feed port of the conical mill is slightly larger, allowing for larger feeds. The maximum feed of cone plastic pulverizer is less than 50mm, and Raymond Mill needs to be less than 35mm.

4. Cone plastic pulverizer can pre-grind slag, pyrite and other difficult-to-grind materials, the effect is better than using traditional mill.

         Cone plastic pulverizer has many advantages, but it is always in the coarse powder field. The cone plastic pulverizer does not have a powder selection system, so it is mostly used to produce coarse powder, and it will be difficult to process more than 150 powders. This weak point of the cone mill also made it only a coarse powder expert. Although the cone plastic pulverizer can only produce coarse powder, it has great effect on the optimization of processes in some areas, especially in the slag pre-grinding, pyrite processing, desulfurized lime powder and other environmental protection and waste. Plastic pulverizer is the future environment-friendly high efficiency coarse powder mill.