Adult Diaper Machine Raw Material Structure

- Jul 05, 2018-

adult diaper machine.jpgadult diaper machines.jpg

Raw material structure:

No. Raw material structure layer

1   Hydrophilic nonwovens (surface)

2   Water-repellent non-woven fabric (three-dimensional protection)

3   Conductive layer nonwoven

4   Wick

5   Polymer

6   Upper toilet paper

7   Lower toilet paper

8   PE base film

9   Left and right waist stickers

10  Front waist sticker

11  Elastic legs

12  Side leakage protection rubber band

13  Elastic waistline

Optional (second wick molding system)

1   Cotton core II

2   Polymer Application Device II

Optional (composite base film)

1   Base film composite nonwoven

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