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- May 15, 2018-

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Napkin Paper Machine Category

According to speed: Ordinary low speed napkin machine, high speed napkin machine

According to the number of embossing rollers: single embossing napkin machine, double embossing napkin machine

According to color printing: Ordinary Napkin Machine, Single-color Printing Napkin Machine, Double-color Printing Napkin Machine and Multi Color Printing Napkin Machine

According to the number of layers: single-layer napkin machine, double napkin machine

Other categories can be freely combined: for example, ordinary low-speed single-color napkin napkins, high-speed color napkin napkins, double embossed color napkin napkins, etc.

Napkin machine is one of the important equipments in papermaking machinery. It is the best equipment for sales and production in the current period. However, many people do not know the fault analysis very clearly. The main points are as follows: bearing heat, checking whether there is oil shortage. The main bearing and the shaft of the pinion shaft are lubricated with grease, and the reducer is lubricated with oil. If there is no shortage of oil, check the concentricity of each part of the napkin machine and check the main machine and the drive section separately. The large bearing housing is not concentric with the hollow shaft, causing the friction between the hollow shaft and the bearing cover to generate heat. The transmission pinion shaft is not concentric with the bearing housing, resulting in frictional heating of the transmission shaft and the bearing gland. The disparity between the reducer and the pinion shaft, the decelerator and the motor do not contribute to the overloaded operation of the bearing. Napkin Machine When the hollow shaft and the large bearing housing are seriously misaligned, it may cause difficulty in start-up, movement during operation, and motor heating. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the concentricity of each part during installation.

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