6 Major Maintenance And Repair Items For Drilling And Tapping Machine Equipment Accessories

- Jun 10, 2018-

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The use of drilling and tapping machine in the process of cleaning and maintenance is a very necessary and important thing. Only if it is done in the cleaning and maintenance, will it help to extend its service life. In the industrial production process, how to use the drilling and tapping machine to clean and maintain it to effectively prolong its service life is a matter of concern for some parts and components processing companies, because these equipments are relatively complete and relatively widely used in these industrial fields. The application of good machinery and equipment in the field of industry is believed to be one of the things that everyone wants to understand the most.

In some nut manufacturers, the use of drilling and tapping machines is the most common and necessary thing. In general, such tapping machine parts and parts production and processing companies use them all conveniently and fully automated. The use in this industry is quite effective. At any time, this are something that deserves our attention. No matter it is at any time, there is a good platform for us to choose. Operating on such a platform is also a very good thing.


First, it is necessary to pay attention to the cooling oil (motor oil for needlework or special oil for pneumatic components) that is used to supply the motor. There are only a few more doses, about five drops in a minute.

Second, the parallelism of the stent should be taken into account. It must be understood how to adjust the verticality of the stent, because the non-perpendicularity of the stent can lead to the failure of moving teeth and broken taps.

Third, drilling and tapping oil must also have something, otherwise the chance of tap wear and breakage will be much higher, and the tapping oil can not be replaced with ordinary oil, it is best to use some special cutting oil.

Fourth, the drill and tap is also a key point, some factories in order to save money, taps worn to only a few teeth, so personally think that this is not ideal, the best tap can be replaced in time, the loss of the machine is not so big, broken The probability is also reduced.

Fifth, the adjustment method of the torsion protection chuck is a loss product. In a certain period of time, it is necessary to know how to adjust its torsion and make its tapping more smooth and not easy to break the tap.

Sixth, the cleaning of the air motor, due to the hot weather, the moisture inside the compressed air will be relatively increased, usually the premise of the air compressor to pay attention to the release of water, but also pay attention to the cleaning of the air motor.

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