Sand Flaskless Molding Machine

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Product Details

sand flaskless molding machine

Sand flaskless molding machine features

◆Upper and lower shot sand effectively solves the disadvantages of the sand mold hardness inconsistent due to the uniformity of the sanding cloth in the previous sand flaskless molding machine, improves the sand filling quality, reduces the bad sand hole, improves the dimensional accuracy of the casting, and can adapt to various characteristics of the molding sand.

◆Production efficiency, low energy consumption.

◆The sand flaskless molding machine is easy to operate, low maintenance cost, safe and convenient to operate.

◆The whole sand flaskless molding machine components use the world's most stable imported brand machine structure to use the spheroidal graphite castings to run smoothly, the mold release is neat, and the casting finish is perfect.

◆Simple operation, one-button operation, no need for professional personnel to operate a sand flaskless molding machine. Over 10 styling machines. Production efficiency is increased by 10 times, production time is reduced by 10 times, and production cost is reduced by 10 times.

sand flaskless molding machine

sand flaskless molding machine

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sand flaskless molding machine

sand flaskless molding machine

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