Metal Sand Moulding Machine

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metal sand moulding machinemetal sand moulding machine

metal sand moulding machine

metal sand moulding machine

Metal sand moulding machine features:

1, Maximize the use of the existing sand molding machine of the foundry, the supporting power of the site, and save investment.

2, Installation and commissioning fast production, can make the investment quickly get a premium return.

3, Mechanical automatic one-button operation, without professional and technical personnel, with fault and monitoring, display function, which can display faults and valve action, oil pressure, air pressure, pressure changes on the display, making maintenance and maintenance convenient and fast.

4, The mechanical performance is stable, safe and reliable, using special technology, simultaneous work of upper and lower type, simultaneous sanding, uniform sand, high hardness, short molding time, small air consumption, low noise, etc. 

5, Sand height adjustable, suitable for castings of different heights. 

6. The mold plate is easy to replace, and the old mold can be used directly.

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metal sand moulding machine

metal sand moulding machine

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