Horizontal Sand Foundry Machine

Machine Size:4150*1890*3050mm; Weight:5T; Molding Speed(s/mold):36s/per mold.

Product Details

horizontal sand foundry machinehorizontal sand foundry machine

Horizontal sand foundry machine features

● Horizontal type, no sand box, fully automatic, continuous high speed, pre-tightening of sand shooting, hydraulic compaction molding, suitable for large-scale production of coreless coreless small castings in various industries.

●The new generation of modeling host has front and back compaction and automatic cavity adjustment.

● Within the defined scope of use, various technical parameters of the machine can be adjusted and set on the computer screen.

●Thehorizontal sand foundry machine adopts microcomputer control, and uses imported advanced components such as PLC, position sensing component, pressure sensing component and liquid crystal display to realize automatic and stable operation of the process and animation monitoring, fault inquiry and alarm function of dynamic input/output. Remote control is possible.

●Compared with similar molding lines, it has the functions of automation control, mechatronics level, equipment operation reliability, component wear resistance, simultaneous synchronous conveying, synchronous cooling, automatic sanding, etc., standardization level and maintainability. Significant progress and advantages.

●High productivity, high dimensional accuracy of castings, low noise, low labor intensity, simple assembly line, less auxiliary machine, small floor space, low investment in technology and construction, and energy saving. It is the current advanced and efficient sand molding line.

horizontal sand foundry machine

horizontal sand foundry machine

Main Specification And Technical Parameters
Size Of Appearance Of Machine2570 * 1620 * 2490 mm
The Biggest Size Of Sand Mold350 * 450 mm
Compaction Pressurenot more than ( 40-80 ) kg
The Thickness Of Sand Mold( 80~150 ) * 2 ( mm )
The Speed Of Manufacturing Mold28 sec / mold
Machine Total Power10 kw
Air Comsumption ( Normal / Mold)0.3  m³
Industry usedfaucet
Power Supply380V   50Hz

Humidity Of Sand Mold

2.5 % ~ 3 %

The Thickness Of Template

15 ~ 25 mm
Warranty1 years

 * some parameters can be customised by client's requirement.

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horizontal sand foundry machine

horizontal sand foundry machine