Horizontal Flaskless Molding Machine

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Product Details

horizontal flaskless molding machine

The features of the horizontal flaskless molding machine

1. The mold installation and replacement takes only 5 minutes to complete the replacement. The original old template, aluminum mold and iron mold can be used continuously, saving mold cost.

2. Modeling and clamping are all templates for uniform positioning. The sandbox system has high repeatability, stable hydraulic action, high firmness, closed and closed sand, clean environment, hydraulic extrusion, hydraulic cylinder push box. The walking is stable, the box is not easy to be 

3. The hardness of the mold can be adjusted freely according to different requirements. It is convenient and quick to adjust several parameters. The sand casting has lower surface hardness and easy processing than the shell casting.

Machine parameter

Machine size4150*1890*3050mm
Machine weight5T
Moding Speed36s-46/per mold
Machine Power15KW

horizontal flaskless molding machine

horizontal flaskless molding machine

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horizontal flaskless molding machine

horizontal flaskless molding machine

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