Green Sand Moulding Machine

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Product Details

green sand moulding machine

The features of green sand moulding machine

1. Modeling operation safety Microcomputer control: mechanical one-button operation, no need for professionals, easy to operate.

2. Fully automatic control, simple operation, touch screen, convenient parameter modification and high precision of rotary coding.

3. Horizontal splitting, convenient lower core, and advanced light curtain protection ensure absolute safety.

4. The height of the sand molding machine's mold can be adjusted, the sand can be saved, the upper and lower compact plates can be adjusted, and the upper and lower sand boxes can be automatically adjusted to between 80-150 mm, which can be used for complex castings of different heights. (except special products)

green sand moulding machine

green sand moulding machine

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green sand moulding machine

green sand moulding machine

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