Green Sand Mold Casting Line

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Product Details

Green Sand mold casting line

Automatic Green Sand Mold Casting Line Features

1, Full automatic one button operation,It's no need for professional workers to press the start button once every complete styling (not under the core working condition), if the workpiece under the core is required, after the program is selected, the sand molding machine will stop automatically, after the core is completed, Press the mold clamping button and the program will be completed automatically.

2, fully automatic modeling, no professional operation.

3, rapid production, a variety of existing conditions of the transformation program.

4, continuous production, low operating costs.

5, The sand type is stable and reliable, avoiding human interference; the old template is available, saving mold cost.

Green Sand mold casting line

Green Sand mold casting line

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Green Sand mold casting line

Green Sand mold casting line

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