Foundry Sand Moulding Machine

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foundry sand moulding machine

The features of the foundry sand moulding machine to show the production line:

The foundry sand moulding machine assembly line refers to a continuous and repeated production process in which the labor object completes the process operation according to a certain process route, sequentially passes through each work place, and according to a uniform production speed (beat). Flow production is an advanced form of production organization that combines a high degree of specialized production of objects with the parallel movement of labor objects. It has the following characteristics:

1. The professionalism of the workplace is high;

2. Has obvious rhythm;

3. The production capacity of each process is balanced or proportional;

4. Process is closed, one way;

5. Highly continuous.

foundry sand moulding machine

foundry sand moulding machine

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foundry sand moulding machine

foundry sand moulding machine

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