Foundry Sand Casting Molding Line

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Product Details

foundry sand casting molding line

Automatic foundry sand casting molding line characristics

1. The foundry sand casting molding line adopts the shooting mode of shooting up and down sand and shooting sand, which adapts more castings and more uniform sand filling. The inner wall of the sand cylinder is made of stainless steel lining, which will not stick to sand and rust and prolong the service life.

2. The welding parts such as the main body of the frame, the sand tube, the sand box and the top of the machine are all aging treatment to ensure that the equipment will not be deformed during the use, which greatly improves the stability of the equipment.

3, the seal is made of Ning domestic super wear-resistant material, the sealing effect is good and the service life is long.

4. The company has a full set of processing sand molding machine and all processed parts are processed by high-precision machining centers.

foundry sand casting molding line

foundry sand casting molding line

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foundry sand casting molding line

foundry sand casting molding line

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