Foundry Moulding Machine

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Product Details

foundry moulding machine

The advantages of foundry moulding machine:

1. The extrusion pressure of 0.7 MPa maximum achieves a stable improvement in the quality of the mold. 

2. Reduce operating costs, save energy, and improve the environment. 

3. Reduce the amount of sand used, reduce scattered sand, scattered sand, and the upper and lower boxes are sealed and shaped at the same time. 

4. From the previous sanding using the gravity drop type, to the fully automatic type by making the upper and lower boxes constitute a closed seal, the machinery has already been an upgraded version of the optimized product: the equivalent sound level is 60 dB of noise.

foundry moulding machine

foundry moulding machine

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foundry moulding machine

foundry moulding machine

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