Core Molding Machine

Parameters: 1.Sand box size:500*600mm; 2.Sand box thickess:Above the box80-190mm; 3.Below the box:110-190mm; 4.Molding rate (Sec/mold):30-40 S/per mold; 5.Compaction pressure:≤14Mpa; 6.Air consumption:0.3cm³ (normal/mold); 7.Clay sand humidity:2.5%-3%; 8.Type of drive:Pneumatic-Hydraumatic; 9.Template thickness:15-25mm; 10.Total power:16kw; 11.Net weight:8.8T; 12.Dimension:3600*2200*3200mm.

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Foundry core molding machine modeling process

The whole line adopts the automatic modeling method, which can complete the casting, casting (manual), cooling, falling sand and other processes. The main process is as follows:

1. Lower box sanding→compacting→moulding→pushing box→double box turning box→drilling riser→manual lower core→upper box turning box→box.

2. Sanding in the upper box → compaction → demoulding → push box.

3. Automatic lock box → manual pouring → natural cooling → falling sand in the box → automatic binning → automatic boxing.

core molding machine

core molding machinecore molding machine

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