Clay Sand Molding Line

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Product Details

clay sand molding line

Clay Sand Molding Line Features

1. Fully automatic one-button operation of clay sand molding line machine, no need for professional workers, only need to press the start button once for complete modeling (no core work).

In the state, if the workpiece of the lower core is required, after the program is selected, it will stop automatically. After the lower core is completed, press the clamping button, the program will be


2, Horizontal classification, convenient for the core.

3, The clay sand molding line machine requirements for sand is lower, you can use ordinary clay sand.

4, Template installation: eight screws fixed, replaced within five minutes,adapt to frequent replacement of abrasive tools.

5. Mold size: 500 * 600mm, 620 * 720mm, 650 * 650mm, 800 * 800mm, etc.A variety of specifications, it's can be customized according to client requirements for other size models.

clay sand molding line

clay sand molding line

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clay sand molding line

clay sand molding line

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