Cast Iron Sand Moulding Machine

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Product Details

cast iron sand moulding machinecast iron sand moulding machine

The advantages of the cast iron sand moulding machine:

1. It uses compressed air to uniformly inject the molding sand into the flask to pre-compact, and then apply pressure to compact. Commonly used are vertical split type boxless cast iron sand moulding machine and horizontal type off-box injection molding machine. vertical

2. The shapeless boxless sand foundry molding machine does not use a sand box, and the molding sand is directly injected into the molding room with the template. The sand making type has high dimensional accuracy. Since the sand box has cavities on both sides, the productivity is high, but the lower core is difficult.

3. The quality of the molding sand is strict. The horizontal type off-box cast iron sand moulding machine uses the sand box for modeling, and the sand type is formed after the mold is unpacked, the lower core is convenient, and the productivity is high.

4. It carries a wide range of products and is subject to fewer restrictions; it can be used in conjunction with a stopper to achieve continuous, beat-and-run operation and accumulation of products; with a top-up shifting device, offline rework or inspection of products can be achieved without affecting the entire assembly line running.

cast iron sand moulding machine

cast iron sand moulding machine

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cast iron sand moulding machine

cast iron sand moulding machine

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