Cast Iron Molding Machine

Parameters: 1.Sand box size:500*600mm; 2.Sand box thickess:Above the box80-190mm; 3.Below the box:110-190mm; 4.Molding rate (Sec/mold):30-40 S/per mold; 5.Compaction pressure:≤14Mpa; 6.Air consumption:0.3cm³ (normal/mold); 7.Clay sand humidity:2.5%-3%; 8.Type of drive:Pneumatic-Hydraumatic; 9.Template thickness:15-25mm; 10.Total power:16kw; 11.Net weight:8.8T; 12.Dimension:3600*2200*3200mm.

Product Details

The advantages of the cast iron molding machine production line are as follows:

1, fully automatic operation, no professional technicians

2, horizontal classification, easy to work under the core

3, man-machine dialogue page, easy to understand operation

4, relatively artificial, casting smoothness and accuracy

5, only need to change the mold, you can produce a variety of shapes of castings, simple and not complicated

6, small footprint, low power consumption, fast production, fast results

cast iron molding machine

cast iron molding machinecast iron molding machine

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