Automatic Foundry Molding Machine

Parameters: 1.Sand box size:500*600mm; 2.Sand box thickess:Above the box80-190mm; 3.Below the box:110-190mm; 4.Molding rate (Sec/mold):30-40 S/per mold; 5.Compaction pressure:≤14Mpa; 6.Air consumption:0.3cm³ (normal/mold); 7.Clay sand humidity:2.5%-3%; 8.Type of drive:Pneumatic-Hydraumatic; 9.Template thickness:15-25mm; 10.Total power:16kw; 11.Net weight:8.8T; 12.Dimension:3600*2200*3200mm.

Product Details

Automatic foundry molding machine feature

The company has a unique suspension and sanding technology to ensure that the sand is added to where it is needed. The company also has many advanced styling techniques, such as center compaction technology, peripheral compaction technology, profile head compaction technology, etc., which can be based on the user's products. Use the most suitable modeling technology to get the best mold quality!

automatic foundry molding machine

automatic foundry molding machineautomatic foundry molding machine