Aluminium Sand Molding Casting Machine

Parameters: 1.Sand box size:500*600mm; 2.Sand box thickess:Above the box80-190mm; 3.Below the box:110-190mm; 4.Molding rate (Sec/mold):30-40 S/per mold; 5.Compaction pressure:≤14Mpa; 6.Air consumption:0.3cm³ (normal/mold); 7.Clay sand humidity:2.5%-3%; 8.Type of drive:Pneumatic-Hydraumatic; 9.Template thickness:15-25mm; 10.Total power:16kw; 11.Net weight:8.8T; 12.Dimension:3600*2200*3200mm.

Product Details

Aluminium sand molding casting machine advantages

Automatic molding machine production line, replacing artificial modeling!

· Improve production efficiency and save human resources.

· Achieve quality improvement and stability.

· Reduce operating costs, save energy, and improve the environment.

· Quiet working environment.

Used in the manufacture of sand casting equipment. Its main function is: sand shooting: the loose sand is injected into the sand box; compact sand, through the different methods such as compaction, compaction, shock pressure, injection pressure, etc., the loose sand in the sand box is compacted, so that the sand type It has the necessary strength during handling and casting; it is used to remove the pattern from the compacted sand mold using different mechanisms.

aluminium sand molding casting machine

aluminium sand molding casting machinealuminium sand molding casting machine

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