Sand Core Shooting Casting Machine

Technical Parameters Max Weight Of Sand Cores : 6kg Max Size Of Core Boxes : 400*280*200mm Size Of Heating Plate : 350*200mm Heating Power : 9.6kw Itinerary Of Plunger Under Pressure : ≤30mm Itinerary Of Opening Mould : ≤300mm The Longest Itinerary Of Core-Pull Guide Bar : 150mm Nylon Conveying Band : 2200*400*100mm Total Power Of Machine : 10kw Increased Angle Of Nylon Conveying Band : 2° - 4° Transmission Speed : 72mm/s Net Weight Of Core Shooting Machine : 1543kg Size Of Appearance Of Sand Core Machine : 3500*1480*2350mm

Product Details

Sand Core Shooting Casting Machine Machine Introduction

Cast iron, cast steel, carbon steel, stainless steel molding equipment, instead of investment molding process, more environmentally friendly, better surface consistency, workers are less difficult to operate, quick to get started.

Machine Features:

Easy to operate, easy to use;

Simple design;

Switch between manual and automatic according to requirements;

Product versatility and reasonable price;

After-sales service;

Special sizes can be customized;

Machine Working Principle

1.The machine adopts thermosetting phenolic coated sand, which is sprayed into the heated mold cavity by decompressing compressed air flow, and is quickly hardened and formed, and the core is made with high dimensional precision and smooth surface.

2.The machine is easy to use and breaks through the unfavorable factors of large deformation of the adhesive sand and the fat oil sand.

Packaging and transportation

Customers can choose to come to the company to pick up or ship by our company, and the packaging is handled according to customer needs.

After Sales Service

Our company has experienced technicians to guarantee after-sales service.

sand core shooting casting machine

sand core shooting casting machine

sand core shooting casting machine

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