Sand Core Shooter

Technical Parameters Max Weight Of Sand Cores : 3.2kg*2 Max Size Of Core Boxes : 380*280*200mm Heating Power : 8kw Itinerary Of Plunger Under Pressure : 125mm The Longest Itinerary Clamping When Vertical Clamping : ≤300mm Total Power Of Machine : 10kw Net Weight Of Core Shooting Machine : 513kg Size Of Appearance Of Sand Core Machine : 1420*680*1700mm Remarks : According to customers' requirement to add core-pulling at frontal and back.

Product Details

Sand Core Shooter Advantages: 

1.High production efficiency: The working process of the hot core box core shooting machine is completed at the same time of sand filling and compaction, and is immediately hardened in the hot core box, and the cycle time can be only ten seconds to several tens of seconds. Produce a sand core for casting.

2. The quality of the sand core is good: it can shoot sand core of any complexity, and the size is accurate and the surface is smooth, which can reduce the machining allowance of the casting. 

3. It can save a lot of auxiliary equipment and tools for core making, such as core furnace, dryer, core bone, wax line and so on. The coated sand process saves a lot of work procedures than the wax line, and the coated sand is sanded with different castings.

sand core shooter

sand core shootersand core shooter

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