Hot Box Core Shooter Machine

Our company is a professional manufacturer with years of experience in the production of hot box core shooter machine.We have a professional design and production team to produce high quality core shooter machine. If you want to know more details like are we manufacturers? machine function? support video and more pictures? price list? how to buy? welcome to Send Inquiry or Chat Now or send us Email about any question on the machine, please contact us >>>
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Product Details

Hot box core shooter standard configuration

1, no contact switch, Omron or Mitsubishi PLC control

2. Imported brand low voltage or Schneider Electric

3. Imported and domestic brand hydraulic parts, cylinders and cylinders

4, heating and digital temperature control

5, electric heating,

Optional accessories

1, core car

2, the middle slides out

3, bucket elevator

4, safety grating

5. Imported cylinders and cylinders

6, text display, adjustable process parameters

Automatic hot box core shooter  machines are suitable for solid sand core, with single-action mold, double-action mold with intermediate plate or no intermediate plate, etc., it is can choose pneumatic or hydraulic.

Hot Box Core Shooter Machine

Hot Box Core Shooter Machine

Hot Box Core Shooter Machine

Hot Box Core Shooter Machine

Hot Box Core Shooter Machine

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