Horizontal Core Shooting Machine

Horizontal Core Shooting Machine Technical Parameters Max Weight Of Sand Cores : 6kg Max Size Of Core Boxes : 400*280*200mm Size Of Heating Plate : 350*200mm Heating Power : 9.6kw Itinerary Of Plunger Under Pressure : ≤30mm Itinerary Of Opening Mould : ≤300mm The Longest Itinerary Of Core-Pull Guide Bar : 150mm Nylon Conveying Band : 2200*400*100mm Total Power Of Machine : 10kw Increased Angle Of Nylon Conveying Band : 2° - 4° Transmission Speed : 72mm/s Net Weight Of Core Shooting Machine : 1543kg Size Of Appearance Of Sand Core Machine : 3500*1480*2350mm

Product Details

The core shooting machine is characterized by the application of two guide columns, vertical splitting of the opening and closing mold, and installation of two different molds at the same time. The intermediate fixing frame can be mounted on both sides of the fixed mold, and the left and right opening and closing molds (equivalent to the double mold frame). The core shooting machine is used in the foundry industry, and the core size standard manufactured by the core shooting machine has a smooth surface. The working principle of the core shooter is to inject the core sand mixture with liquid or solid thermosetting resin as the binder into the heated core box, and the sand core is hardened in the core box to harden to a certain thickness (about 5-10 mm) Take it out to form a finished sand core with a smooth surface and a standard size.

horizontal core shooting machine

horizontal core shooting machine

AUTO core shooter machine