Foundry Core Shooting Machine

Technical Parameters Max Weight Of Sand Cores : 3.2kg*2 Max Size Of Core Boxes : 380*280*200mm Heating Power : 8kw Itinerary Of Plunger Under Pressure : 125mm The Longest Itinerary Clamping When Vertical Clamping : ≤300mm Total Power Of Machine : 10kw Net Weight Of Core Shooting Machine : 513kg Size Of Appearance Of Sand Core Machine : 1420*680*1700mm Remarks : According to customers' requirement to add core-pulling at frontal and back.

Product Details

Foundry core shooting machine

Generally used to make cavity or solid core for casting; intermediate fixing frame can be fixed on both sides, and the left and right molds can be opened and closed, which is equivalent to double mold frame, and can shoot 2 pairs of molds at a time; mold base No need to flip.

The core shooter is an important equipment for the foundry to make sand cores. It adopts double-head shot sanding method and high efficiency. With the automatic core-connecting device, one person can operate several machines independently, which has the advantages of low cost and high efficiency. The operation is simple and safe, saving labor. This machine mainly uses the cylinder pressure to clamp the mold up and down, and the two sides shoot sand. After heating by the heating tube, the product is solidified and formed, which is especially suitable for some complicated products. In addition, the biggest advantage of foundry sand core shooting machine is that the automatic core connector is reserved in the computer board inside the machine. After the automatic core-connecting manipulator is installed, the core can be smoothly and automatically connected, which can protect the operator and double the work effectiveness.

foundry core shooting machine

foundry core shooting machine

foundry core shooting machine

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