Gravity Die Casting Machines For Brass

Machines are suitable for processing faucet,plumbing fittings,hardware,sanitary ware,auto parts which gravity model casting with brass,zinc,aluminium,steel,iron ore and alloy,ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal.

Product Details

Introduction of gravity die casting machines for brass

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Features: 1. Taiwan Delta PLC control computer / Human-machine interface touch screen. 

          2. gravity model casting.

          3. Front casting,lateral casting and secondary casting are optional.

Casting Macine Specification 

Biggest Size of The MouldΦ 550 mm
Heaviest Weight of The Mould150 kg
Largest Merger Distance≤  280 mm
Hydraulic Pressure40 - 60 kPa
Angle of Lateral Casting0° - 90°
Frontal Casting Angle0° - 110°
Hydraulic Lube165 L
Net Weight of The Whole Machine2000 kg

Size of Appearance of Machine

( L * W * H )

2350 × 2100 × 1860 mm
Installing Top Core AvailableItinerary of Top Core 20 mm
Total Power5.5 kw

gravity die casting machines for brass

Sample Showing

gravity die casting machines for brass

gravity die casting machines for brass