Gravity Casting Die Machine

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Product Details

Gravity casting die machine features

Foundry machine name and configuration

1. Equipment name: low pressure die casting machine / gravity casting die machine

2. Device Configuration

2.1 Main unit: vertical opening and closing mechanism; left and right mold opening and two core pulling mechanisms.

2.2 Hydraulic system: hydraulic power station, valve block, piping system, etc.

2.3 Holding furnace: furnace body, riser pipe and furnace control cabinet.

2.4 Electrical control and liquid level press system: touch screen, PLC, pressure sensor and pneumatic proportional valve.

2.5 Mold cooling system: It can control the cooling time of the mold from the electromagnetic valve and valve block.

2.6 There is a blank removal mechanism.

Gravity casting die machine

Gravity casting die machine

Gravity casting die machine

Low pressure aluminum casting machine processing:

Gravity casting die machineGravity casting die machineGravity casting die machine

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