Gravity Aluminum Casting Machine

Biggest Size of The Mould:820*500mm; Mold Opening and Closing Stroke:≤440mm; Min Distance of Clamping Mould:480mm; Max Distance of Clamping Mould:920mm; Core Pulling (top) Stroke:≤70mm; Core Pulling (bottom) Stroke:≤120mm; Ejector mold(bottom) Stroke:≤70mm; Max Mould Clamping Force:65KN; Max mould Opening Force:70KN; Inclination Angle Of Worktable:0°-90°; Hydraulic System Working Pressure:5Mpa. Ejector Oil Cylinder Force:30KN; Rated Power Of Hydraulic Pressure Station:3.75KW; Size Of Appearance Of Machine:2900*1800*1650mm.

Product Details

Gravity Aluminum Casting Machine Features

1. Big Inclination Angle Of Mold Cavity,Can Meet Different Products′Casting Technique.
2. Adjustable Rotating Speed Of Mold Cavity,Improve Mold Exhausting.
3. PLC Control,Full Hydraulic Drive,High Dependability.
4. Urgent Stop Button In Set On The Machine Body,It Is For Easy.
5. It Is Convenient Installing And Regulating.