Brass Pouring Machine

Brass pouring machine main advantages: 1 Computer integrated control,programmable and remote control ,no Ethernet card; 2 Real-time control ,easy to collect production data ; 3 High pressure, fast speed,high efficiency, no burr; 4 Power or media oil can be selected at the time; The brass pouring...

Product Details

Brass pouring machine main advantages:  

1 Computer  integrated   control,programmable   and  remote control ,no  Ethernet  card;

2 Real-time  control ,easy  to collect  production  data ;

3 High  pressure, fast  speed,high  efficiency, no  burr;

4 Power  or  media  oil  can  be  selected  at  the  time;

The brass pouring machine suitable  for:

1 hardware;                  2  zipper;          

3 metal  button;             4  metal   belt  buckle;  

5 metal  brass ;             6  metal   bar ; 

7 toy  accessories;          8  furniture  accessories;

9 pull  a  head  ;           10  pull  a  silce;

brass pouring machine

brass pouring machine

brass pouring machine