Brass Casting Low Pressure Machine

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The unique advantages of brass casting low pressure machine are manifested in the following aspects:

1. The pouring process parameters of low-pressure casting can be adjusted and adjusted arbitrarily within the process range to ensure the smooth filling of liquid metal, reduce or avoid the phenomenon of tumbling, impacting and splashing of molten metal during filling, thereby reducing the formation of oxidized slag, avoiding or Reduce casting defects and improve casting quality

2. The metal liquid is filled under pressure, which can improve the fluidity of the molten metal, and the casting formability is good, which is favorable for forming a casting with clear outline and smooth surface, which is more favorable for forming large thin-walled parts.

3. The casting is crystallized and solidified under pressure, and can be fully replenished, so the casting structure is dense and the mechanical properties are high.

brass casting low pressure machine

brass casting low pressure machine

brass casting low pressure machine

Low pressure aluminum casting machine processing:

brass casting low pressure machinebrass casting low pressure machinebrass casting low pressure machine

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