Machine For Diapers

Machine For Diapers

Diapers machine making machines function and configuration 1.Model explanation: 350B: basic function model; 350C: raw material frequency conversion automatically replace roll,constant tension control,production is more stable. 350D: half servo model, automatically replace roll, constant tension...

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Diaper machine function and configuration

1. The saw blade crusher can be used to pulverize the treated pulp and the untreated pulp.

2. The cotton core is formed by net wheel molding, and the transfer wheel is demoulded.

3, polymer application using mixing and surface application two sets of equipment, feeding motor and feeding machine drive control, synchronous tracking of the host number.

4. The raw materials are air-stretched shaft frame, center unwinding, feeding machine motor drive, constant tension control and automatic change of material. With material breakage, joints, end of material detection, automatic rejection of waste products.

5. The raw material supply is equipped with an automatic corrector system.

6. The speed synchronization of the whole machine is controlled by the feeding motor and the feeding machine driver and PLC.

7, using the touch screen as a human machine interface (HMI), with specification replacement, operation display and fault diagnosis.

8. Bearings, timing belts, conveyor belts, electric heating tubes and rotating conductive rings are all internationally famous brands.

9. Configure the dual-exit stacker and drive the motor drive. The package size is 8-40 pieces/bag.

10. The base of the equipment is made of square tube, the frame is welded by square steel, and the panel is made of 28 mm thick steel plate.

 11. The safety protection door adopts aluminum alloy frame and is equipped with tempered glass door.

machine for diaper

machine for diaper

machine for diaper

machine for diaper

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