Machine Diaper

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Product Details

Baby Diaper Machine

First, function and features:

1, saw blade crusher

2, cotton core mesh wheel release molding

3, high-molecular quantitative mixing application

4, equipped with a dredging and cutting device

5, the corresponding bit adjustment without stopping

6, heating the rotating cylinder pressure

7. The imported temperature controller controls the rotating body temperature, and the collector ring conducts electricity.

8, can make anti-side leakage type surface layer

9, equipped with a front waist, side waist applicator

10, with constant tension active unwinding, automatic change of material and corrector, and with material detection, waste function

11, the whole machine variable frequency control speed control drive, PLC program control, touch screen to achieve man-machine dialogue

12, the new all-welded stable rack

13, the finished product three fold output

Second, technical parameters

Power supply: 380V50Hz

Total power: 120KW (excluding glue machine, air compressor)

Pass rate: ≥96%

Design production speed: 150 pieces / minute

Dimensions (m): 22 × 3 × 2.6 (length × width × height)

Total weight: 50T

baby diaper manufacturing machine

baby diaper manufacturing machine

baby diaper manufacturing machine

baby diaper manufacturing machine

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