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Quanzhou CBC Group Corporation

Company Profile QUANZHOU CBC GROUP CORPORATION uanzhou CBC Group Corporation,which located in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province,China ,is a professional corporation in dealing importing and exporting business.


    • Toilet Paper Making Machine

      Toilet Paper Making Machine

      Toilet Paper Making Machine Function & Character : 1. It is suitable for the cutting and rewinding of jumbo roll material, such as, toilet paper, non-woven fabric,air-laid paper and so on, with adjustable tightness of rewinding. 2. Operated and controlled by man-computer dialogue,with...

    • Automatic Box Drawing Face Tissue Machine

      Automatic Box Drawing Face Tissue Machine

      Facial Paper Machine With Following Features 1. This facial tissue machine model is designed to produce "link type" box-drawing facial tissue. 2. Automatic box drawing face tissue machine working process: Two jumbo roll of material unwinding--embossing--cutting--absorbing-- spiral...

    • Robotic Grinding Machine

      Robotic Grinding Machine

      Robotic Polishing Machine Introduction 1. Robot grinding machine is mainly used for the surface polish treatment of bath,automobile,motor and building industry hardware workpieces etc. 2. Robot polishing system are programmed to apply just the right amount of pressure and move precisely in the...

    • Die Casting Machine

      Die Casting Machine

      Die Casting Machine Functions 1. Automatic system of adjusting molds, moving quickly, clamping stably, durable and convenient. 2. adopts worldwide famous brands of electrical appliance and hydraulic component, high reliability, high efficiency of production, high automation. 3. Die adjustment...